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The Dilemma: We understand how much pet parents and guardians care about there pets, which is why it is crucial to prepare with the knowledge to assist in an emergency. Although the need in learning first aid for our pets may not be so noticeable, statistics prove otherwise. Here are a few:

Every 6 Seconds: A pet emergency occurs every six seconds in the United States.

Accidents Happen: Approximately 70,000 pets experience accidental poisonings each year.

Trauma Cases: 60% of pet emergencies involve trauma such as car accidents, falls, and bite.

The Solution: As a famous quote states “Preparation is half the battle.” Learning Pet First Aid has numerous benefits. Some of those benefits include; preventing severe complications in trauma and/ or medical cases, learning how can be the vital link between the transportation of your pet from the scene of injury/illness, to the vet ER and much more!  

Our Vision:  Ariella’s Pet CPR & First Aid (APCPRFA) was founded by 2 passionate pet lovers, with a vision to teach pet first aid & and various different pet holistic approaches, in a fun and interactive environment. Our instructors are dedicated to empowering pet owners with vital life-saving skills, and are eager to create awareness on the importance of pet health.

Our Staff: All of the instructors at APCPRFA have a unique passion for pets and strive to create a better, healthier world for pets. We ask of you to join us on this journey of learning and help us spread awareness together for the future of furry friends!

Thank your for visiting us, and we look forward to having you!

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Why is pet cpr & first aid so important?

Pet CPR and First Aid is an incredibly valuable skill that can be truly life-saving for your beloved animal companions and here is one of many reasons why.

 Imagine being in a situation where your pet is in distress, their life hanging in the balance. In that critical moment, your knowledge of Pet CPR and First Aid transforms you from a helpless bystander into their greatest hope.

You become the hero in their story, empowered with the ability to perform potentially life-saving procedures until professional help is available. This isn’t just about having skills; it’s about becoming a lifeline for your pet when they need you the most.

By learning Pet CPR and First Aid, you’re not just acquiring knowledge; you’re embracing a profound commitment to the well-being and safety of your animal companions, ensuring you’re prepared to protect and care for them in any situation.


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